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      Welcome to C & C Bullion Coins also known as CCBC which was established in October 2002 (22 years).    Our site is dedicated to bringing pertinent information and an ongoing education needed for investing and surviving with PRECIOUS and BASE Metals.  

      The owner has been collecting and investing in Silver and U.S. Coins for over 50 years.  We are based in Greater Fort Worth, Texas area, and although we don't have a brick and mortar location; we travel mainly to the larger Gun Shows in the Dallas / Fort Worth TEXAS area on weekends (we set up at 30 shows per year

(see home page calendar) and WE ALWAYS have 2 WALL Tables at the same location at each show).

      Charles has been a member of ANA (American Numismatic Association), TNA (Texas Numismatic Association), NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) and was a past Treasurer, Vice President and President of the Fort Worth Coin Club in the early eighties.

      In addition, we are open for business to BUY and SELL during the weekdays, so contact us by email, text or phone with your list of items to BUY or SELL or any questions that you might have on PRECIOUS and BASE METALS. 
      We sell a variety of beautiful BASE Metals as possible additional investments to beat inflation.  We offer from time to time attractively "stamped" 1 Troy oz .999 fine Bars of ALUMINUM, BRASS, BRONZE, COPPER, GERMAN SILVER, IRON, NICKEL, STAINLESS STEEL, TIN, TITANIUM and ZINC at competitive prices. Currently NONE in STOCK.

     Please read and absorb as much as you can from as many sources as you can to formulate your own collecting and investing ideas that suit your needs and goals. Be sure to browse our Links for some of our favorite websites, news, videos and e-books on Precious Metals and REAL money. 

      A person should not count their wealth in FIAT Dollars, Euros or any other World Currencies (non-backed by Hard Assets), but in Ounces of SILVER and/or GOLD.  Remember, Governments worldwide cannot INFLATE REAL Money (Precious Metals), but they can and do Inflate Fiat Paper Currencies.  SILVER and GOLD are more than just commodities.  They are both driven by monetary and not just economic demands such as NICKEL, IRON, TIN, LUMBER, etc.  They tend to rise when inflation eats away at the paper dollar's value.  Inflation does not stimulate any economy worldwide, any more than illegal counterfeiting would.  Inflation mainly benefits those near the source of the inflation: politicians, government bureaucrats, wall street brokers / traders and the moneychangers (bankers).

             A few definitions:


Deflation:  A decrease in the prices of goods and services, usually tied to a contraction of money in circulation.  Formal deflation is measured in terms of year-to-year change.

Inflation:  An increase in the prices of goods and services, usually tied to an increase of money in circulation.

Hyperinflation:  Extreme inflation, minimally in excess of four-digit annual percent change, where the involved currency becomes worthless.  Hyperinflation destroys economies, during the last century there have been 25 episodes of hyperinflation.  Inflation is simply a hidden Tax that erodes value of life savings.  Where is the United States Fiat Dollar headed?  The current largest federal reserve U.S. note the $100 bill, could in hyperinflation become worth more as toilet tissue than as currency.  I certainly hope that never happens but being prepared for anything with our current government in control may serve those informed well.

      A general rule of thumb is the time to SELL SILVER and GOLD is when a Medium Priced Home in the United States can be purchased with either 500 oz of SILVER or 40 oz of GOLD.
     We think the message is clear just keep buying and holding Silver and Gold.

     The King James BIBLE mentions SILVER 320 times and GOLD 417 times

  -- GOD's Money is Silver and Gold; they are very limited in the Earth's crust and have always preserved WEATLH.
  -- Man's Money is PAPER, throughout History (since 1024 in China) paper money has been printed to excess (Unlimited) and always ends up worthless to the people who hold it.

     Come visit our site often, we hope to make improvements as this is an ongoing work in progress.  Email us with ideas, suggestions and articles that you have found so we may post them as links, etc.  We look forward to seeing you at upcoming shows and doing business or just talking about the precious metals market.  
                            Truth throughout History - SILVER / GOLD are REAL HONEST MONEY!










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      "GOOD Money should be effective as a store of value, a medium of exchange as well as a unit of account. 

In order for money to be effective in the above it has to have the following properties:

     *  Divisible - should be divisible into smaller units
     *  Portable - able to carry it around therefore a high value should be able to be contained in a small space and

     *  Homogenous - one unit should be the same as any other unit
     *  Durable - should not be able to be easily destroyed or eroded
     *  Valuable - should have intrinsic value, normally because it is desirable.  Should not be able to be created or

discovered without reasonable effort.  Normally a commodity itself."                                                   

                                   A Few FAMOUS Quotes and Information:

      "The Constitution of the United States is a contract between individuals that created a separate entity called

government, where within it, the contract explains how this entity is to function.  The government is the servant of

the people and the top level of government, is the citizenry.  The contract's validity supporting government's

existence, only exists for as long as it maintains the contract, because its legitimacy is ONLY derived from the

consent of the governed."

     "Knowledge with Action is Power"

     "The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money"

     "Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who

would not"

     "A general rule of thumb, every $1 Trillon of Fresh Debt issued by the treasury equates with a $125 per ounce

increase in the price of Gold."

     " Paper is Poverty... it is the ghost of Money, NOT Money itself."

     "DEMOCRACY is two Wolves and a Lamb voting on what to have for lunch, LIBERTY is a well armed Lamb

contesting the vote."

     The first U.S. paper notes (fractional dollars) were printed in 1862 to make up for a shortage of coins and to

help finance the Civil War, it has been down hill ever since.

     Definition FIAT Money

"Currency that a government has declared to be legal tender, despite the fact that it has no intrinsic value and is

not backed by reserves.  Historically, most currencies were based on physical commodities such as Gold or Silver,

but Fiat money is based solely on faith."           

     50 years ago in 1961, a $1 U.S. Paper Note was and still is valued as a 2011, $1 U.S. Paper Note and in 1961

U.S. 90% Silver Coins were in circulation as Money. However, if you had kept $1 U.S. 90% Silver Half Dollars,

Quarters or Dimes from 1961, based on 11-11-11 "Spot Silver price" of $34.73 your value for that $1 in silver would

equal $25.13 in today's U.S. paper dollars.  Which would you rather hold as Money, Paper or Silver?


     Question: Which is better to BUY: Physical Gold / Silver or Mining Stock Shares???

     My preference is BUY the physical metal, taking possession because you can hold the finished product in your

hands and you can instantly see the beauty, purity & exact weight of what you own (NO Surprises, you either

BUY it or pass on the deal offered at that time).

     When you BUY shares of a mining company you run all the RISK involved in the mining of the metal, the

company's management team, raising capital to explore for the ore, leasing the site, dealing with all the

governmental permits and environmental rules & regulations, foreign governments (can take years for final

approvals). Next comes building roads to the site, putting up all the necessary buildings, bringing in the drilling

equipment & heavy machinery, hiring expert labor, insurance premiums, refining / smelting cost, transportation

cost and so on. Also, you have to know the spot pricing of the metals and do feasibility studies to see if you can

mine the ore at a profit for all the risk you have to incur before making a profit.

     For me, I want to have the control of BUYING and SELLING the finished product when I want to without

outside RISKS that I can't control. For me holding the Hard Asset is much better than a slip of paper.    


                                     Did You Know?    

     Currently (2009) there are:
177 currencies being used around the world today
609 currencies that no longer circulate
53 of those were destroyed as a result of HYPERINFLATION caused by over-issuance
Zimbabwe printed a $100,000,000,000,000 (One Hundred TRILLION Dollar Note) the largest so far

19% of World currencies have been destroyed by hyperinflation
23% of World currencies exist TODAY
58% of World currencies NO longer are in use

     BUY the METALS not PAPER they have always stood the test of time


     It is said:  GOLD is the MONEY of MONARCHS, SILVER is the MONEY of GENTLEMEN,


    "GOLD is the sweat of the Sun, SILVER is the tears of the Moon." INCA Proverb
BUY SILVER!!!"If you want Privacy"
"If you want out of the Banksters System"
"If you want money that has never Failed"
"If you want Money for the Collapse of the Dollar"
                                                           credit given to Sons of Liberty Academy

                                                                           Are you a BULLION BULL?


      "When Gold/Silver used to be the backing behind the U.S. Dollar, prior to the privately owned Federal Reserve

usurping the constitutionally mandated control of the money supply only by Congress, people were independent

of, and not reliant upon, the government.  There was no unemployment insurance, no social security, no social

safety nets for the public.  This is why Gold/Silver are so despised by the elites.  People do not need the

government when they have independent wealth in Gold and Silver.  Enter the elites and the passage of the

Federal Reserve Act in 1913 leading to the elimination of specie-backing and elimination of the U.S. dollar,

replaced by the now totally FIAT Federal Reserve Note, deceptively called a "dollar" by the Fed, even though by

law FRN's are not dollars but instruments of debt.  The purpose of removing Gold/Silver was to get rid of the

public's ability to have wealth (physical Gold/Silver) and independence from government influences.  Now, with

no Gold/Silver, (no wealth), the duped American public has become dependent on useless fiat, credit, and

government handouts.  Both Gold/Silver are a means of economic freedom and independence from the de facto

corporate federal government doing everything it can to enslave the country."    Noonan


     I can't say it enough about converting as many FIAT Federal Reserve Notes to Gold/Silver to preserve your

WEALTH.  If you rely totally on any Government for your well being, GOOD LUCK.






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