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Note:  The above Metals Prices are "BID" quote prices only, they are NOT the "ASK" or RETAIL SELLING Prices *

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NEW ITEMS:  GOLDBACKS (A Specie Legal Tender Instrument)

                  Each one is made of 24k Gold Atom particles infused and imprinted between 2 thin layers of a Polymar coating with different designs.

        A voluntary spendable medium of exchange for smaller fractional Gold to create a daily demand for a return to SOUND MONEY state by state.

        These STATES have passed GOLD and SILVER Legal Tender Acts:  UTAH in 2019, NEVADA in 2020, NEW HAMPSHIRE in 2021,

        NEVADA in 2022 and SOUTH DAKOTA in 2023. Which State will be next in passing friendly Laws for a return to SOUND MONEY?

       Maybe TEXAS? Read more on the subject at  I have a limited number of One SilverBack Silver                     Dragon .999 Silver fine Notes that were produced by the GoldBack Company as a collectible with a maximum mintage of 100,000 notes. 

What is Real FINITE Money made of?

          Coins, Rounds, Bars, colorful Paper Currencies or Computer Digits are NOT Money because they bear a Government Stamp of Value on them.  Coins, Rounds or Bars are desirable MONEY because when they are created out of LIMITED beautiful precious metals of GOLD and SILVER with verified stamped weights and purity in recognizable units for TRADE.  They have been proven as Superior Honest Money when trading for goods and services between people anywhere in the world

          Do you have faith in the current U.S. Dollar as Money?  We're 32+ Trillion Dollars in DEBT and it's growing and will be impossible to be repaid.  Inflation is purely another form of taxation on We the People.  Using PRECIOUS METALS as MONEY puts a ceiling on creating money out of thin air.

          Did you know that it's been 90 years (1933) since Gold Coin Money circulated in the U.S. and 58 years (1964) since Silver Coin Money was removed from daily circulation in the U.S.

          The NUMERAIRE (a basic standard by which values are measured) has changed to a FIAT system that money is made legal by a legal tender by a government decree or regulation, not backed by any physical commodity such as Gold and or Silver, but by a relationship between supply and demand and the stability of the issuing government.  The citizens must have a TRUST in it for having any VALUE.

          The U.S. Coinage Act of April 2, 1792, states ONE DOLLAR ($1.00 Coin) UNIT is to contain 371.25 grains (24.057 grams or .77344 ozt of pure SILVER (90% Silver and a 10% alloy of  Copper which was maintained until 1965) and it also specified issuing three GOLD Coins (90% Gold and 10% alloy of Copper or Silver), a TEN DOLLAR EAGLE ($10.00) UNIT is to contain 247.5 grains (16.04 grams or .51562 ozt), a FIVE DOLLAR HALF EAGLE ($5.00 Coin) and a QUARTER DOLLAR EAGLE ($2.50 Coin) of pure GOLD.  It says nothing about a Paper Currency or Note.  The ACT also stated the GOLD / SILVER RATIO to be set at 15 pounds of Silver to 1 pound of Gold or 15 ounces of Silver to 1 ounce of Gold.  (Note: 420 grains = 1 ounce and was based on the Spanish Milled Dollar)This 1792 Coinage Act is known as a BIMETALLIC SYSTEM (dual monies) which keeps money honest because one objective standard independently measures the other's value.  Gold is valued in terms of Silver and Silver is valued in terms of Gold.  The system corrects itself thru normal market forces and not government interventions.  It was also a TRIMETALLIC SYSTEM because on May 8, 1792, the ACT provided for COPPER Coins (100% copper) in ONE CENT (1/100th of a Dollar) and a Copper HALF CENT. 

      Note:  1,066.545 ounces of Copper (CU) = 15 ounces of Silver (AG) = 1 ounce of Gold (AU).

           The U.S. Coinage Act 1873 was needed to abandon the bimetallism of Silver and Gold because of the Comstock Lode bringing in massive amounts of new Silver, thinking it would cheapen Silver in relation to Gold. The Act ended the rights of Silver bullion holders from having their bullion turned into standard Silver Dollars, yet Gold Bullion holders still could have their bullion turned into Gold Coin Money at the Mint.   History shows that political actions, not supply and demand sent Silver prices into a long decline after the "Crime of 1873".

          Is a FIAT U.S. $1.00 Paper Currency really MONEY?  If it is required to be 100% backed by the precious metals as a medium of exchange, I would say YES, but sadly it's not.  Looking at the U.S. Gold Standard Act of March 14, 1900 (it took Silver out of the picture and valued gold in paper "Dollars" only), it defined a "dollar" as a WEIGHT of 25.8 grains of 90% pure gold or 1.5046 grams of pure gold or .048375 troy ounce of pure gold.  Back then 1 troy ounce of pure gold was valued at $20.6818.  After the Act became Law, a "Dollar" was the paper bill, and it was to represent (equal) 1 Dollar of GOLD stored in a bank somewhere or with the U.S. treasury.  However, the banks could not resist the temptations of creating Dollars by fractional reserve banking and turning their backs away from any Gold backing the Paper Currency (more PROFIT for them).  Today since the U.S. Paper Dollar is not backed by any Gold or Silver (required by the 1792 Coinage Act), could it be considered Legalized Counterfeiting?

Maybe they should be known as FRAUD NOTES (Federal Reserve Accounting Utility Dollars)?

          Next up is the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).  A possible nightmare, a U.S. Digital Dollar could bring about privacy and data protection issues.  New potential financial crimes and loss of even more of the U.S. citizens assets.  The nightmare possibility where every aspect of your financial transactions is meticulously recorded, scrutinized and CONTROLLED by the government with the stroke of a keyboard.  

          I absolutely don't trust the Federal Reserve, which isn't Federal nor a Reserve and not a part of the U.S. government but run by the largest private bankers with the approval of corrupt politicians of BOTH Parties.  Please give me something that I can physically hold in my hands and be confident it will HOLD and maintain VALUE and has been used and accepted as Honest Sound Money for centuries between people worldwide.

          Today luckily ALL the STATES still have the LAW behind them stating they can COIN their own Monies as long as it is made of either SILVER or GOLD.  Perhaps the States need to regain their rightful Power back from the Federal Government in conducting transactions.      

          You alone have to decide what MONEY works best for you and what does not.

Thanks for reading,


CC BULLION COINS                     since 2002                    text: 817-729-7244                     email:                                   ***************************************************************************************************************************                                                                

  SILVER is a tiny market with about $20 Billion ($20,000,000,000) worth of Physical Silver mined or 900 million troy ounces annually     worldwide, whereas the rigged PAPER Silver market has an estimated market cap of $1 Trillion+ ($1,000,000,000,000).

           The SILVER Futures Market trades 400+ ounces of Paper Silver for every 1 ounce of actual Physical SILVER that's purchased, no

      other Commodity is allowed to trade like the Silver Market does, it's a CRIMINAL organization.  The Silver SHORT positions can't cover the 

      Silver LONG positions if they have to SETTLE trades in ACTUAL Physical Ounces of SILVER.  That's why you see a widening of the SILVER

      SPOT Price vs the actual SILVER PHYSICAL price (try to BUY SILVER at the SPOT PRICE).  I believe SADLY, there's a good chance that

      a Global Reset of ALL PAPER Currencies will happen and soon. It will be BULLISH for people who turn to the METALS for asset safety.  

           Historically (5,000 years) all the SILVER mined is estimated to be 1,751,000 metric tons x 32.150 oz = 56 billion oz (56,295,957,997)

      and of that amount 50% has been mined in the past 60 years (technology has been wonderful for discoveries and machinery).  However, the

      remaining estimates of Silver left to be extracted are 560,000 million tons x 32.150 oz = 18 billion oz (18,004,000,000).  Some miners

      say it takes on average 1 ton of removed rock and dirt to uncover 1 Tiny gram of SILVER or GOLD.  The rock has to be crushed,                  milled and smelted to get that Precious Metal (very expensive).  Most SILVER is mined as a byproduct of Copper, Lead, Zinc, Gold and other              metals.  It is believed of that Silver left to be found and extracted, only about 2 billion oz (2,000,000,000) is of .999 fine investment grade.             

                                                                                               Currently the estimated usages:

                                                            49.9% of Silver is consumed by industry (998,000,000 oz), or lost,

                                                            45.5% is used for Jewelry (910,000,000 oz),

                                                               2.8% for Silver Coins (56,000,000 oz) and

                                                               1.8% stored as investment grade Silver Bullion (36,000,000 oz).


Using a range of to 6 billion (6,000,000,000) Troy Ounces of above ground available Investment SILVER,

to become a SILVER STACKER owning Real Wealth that you physically control in your possession,


YOU currently would need to OWN this many TROY ounces of .999 fine SILVER:

If the Worldwide estimated population is 8 billion (8,000,000,000 people)

that equates to ½ to ¾ ounce of Silver for every person in the World.


50 to 56 ounces puts You in the TOP 10% (800,000,000 people)

     If the United States estimated population is 334 million (334,000,000 people)

that equates to a little more than 12 to 18 ounces of Silver for every person in the U.S.

48 to 72 ounces puts You in the TOP 25% (83,500,000 people)

120 to 180 ounces puts You in the TOP 10% (33,400,000 people)

240 to 359 ounces puts You in the TOP 5% (16,700,000 people)

1,198 to 1,796 ounces puts You in the TOP 1% (3,340,000 people)

11,976 to 17,964 ounces puts You in the TOP .10% (334,000 people)

and 32,150.75 troy ounces You would OWN exactly 1 Tonne (2,679.23 troy lbs.) of SILVER


A respected Silver Analysis stated 1 Billion Dollars ($1,000,000,000) could easily

buy ALL of the Investment SILVER available For Sale today in the U.S.              05-10-23

"SET a GOAL and BUY what YOU can when YOU can."


     To calculate the Cost in FIAT PAPER DOLLARS to purchase the above amounts, multiply the ounces by the current price of SILVER plus Premium at the different "Tier Level Discounts" using these price breaks:   

                                                                           EXAMPLES ONLY ~ Spot Price plus Premiums: 

Examples Only: if You BUY  1-19 oz ($5.50 premium), 20-99 oz ($5.25 prem), 100-499 oz ($5.00 prem) and 500+ oz ($4.50 prem).

SILVER Prices and Premiums can and do change with market supplies and demands, various government issued bullion coins, fractional sizes, large bars, 90% Coin Silver, etc. etc.  I'm not a fan of low mintages, rarities or faddish silver bullion.  I want to own as much bulk SILVER ounces that I can afford, I want it to be easy to SELL and Verifiable to be REAL SILVER without question.

     YOU want to purchase 100 ounces (5 tubes of 20 ~ 1 oz .999 fine Silver Buffalo Rounds) Price of "SPOT" Silver is $24.00 per oz and the premium is $5.00 over Spot = $29.00.  Multiply by 100 oz = $2,900.00 your total cost.  You are now the proud owner (always take physical possession), and you are in the top 25% of Silver Owners in the U.S. and top 10% Worldwide. Use the same math (the premium discounts will be different) with other sizes of Silver Coins, Rounds and Bars (buy for purity, weight, government issues, etc.). 

                   * ALL Numbers, Percentages and Comments used above are deemed to be fairly accurate and come from many respected sources. 

              Invest reasonably, know the risk of buying Assets with Paper Currencies controlled by Governments and huge Multinational Companies.

              Please always do your due diligence before investing in anything.  Read, do your homework.  SILVER is my passion! Is it YOURS?

 TEXT: Charles 817-729-7244 or Email:

                      Texting is a GREAT way for verification of the PRECIOUS METALS that you may wish to purchase, quantity, availability, tier

                 pricing discounts and confirmation of a LOCKED price and a record of what you said and what I said.

                       I like to Buy and Sell Modern World Silver Bullion Coins, .999+ fine Rounds, Bars (various sizes) and U.S. 90% Silver Constitutional

                 Coins (pre 1965 Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars plus Morgan and Peace Dollars).  I have NO interest in dealing in High End

                 Numismatic Rarities, Error Coins, Commemoratives or Clad Proof and Mint Sets.  My belief is stack as much SILVER as possible, with                         some GOLD & PLATINUM for additional diversification.



              DREAM that today you had the option of being paid the MINIMUM WAGE and was PAID hourly in REAL MONEY,   

Constitutional 90% SILVER U.S. Coins, .999 fine Silver Grams or $10.00 90% GOLD U.S. Coins or 24k .9999 Gold Grams?

The differences will make you sick.


click: 90% US Silver Coins


click:  24K Gold Grams

clickCopper vs U.S. Paper

" I BUY to SELL, and I SELL to BUY "




Historical Nominal Price Highs and CPI Inflation Adjusted Value Highs in U.S. Dollars

closing prices LBMA 

             Silver:    01-18-1980    $49.45      adjusted inflation value basis July 2023       $194.30 per oz   292.92%    

                             04-28-2011   $48.70                                                                                        $66.19 per oz   35.91%    

* Nominal Interday SILVER high Jan. 18, 1980     $50.50 per oz 


                 Gold:      01-21-1980     $850.00   adjusted inflation value basis July 2023    $3,339.81 per oz   292.92%    

                             08-21-2011  $1,908.82                                                                               $2,575.69 per oz   34.94%

   * Nominal Interday GOLD high Aug. 07, 2020     $2,089.20 per oz   


 Platinum:  12-27-2007       $1,544.00    adjusted inflation value basis July 2023     $2,247.17 per oz   45.54%

                        03-04-2008      $2,273.00                                                                              $3,254.07 per oz   43.16%

       * Nominal Interday PLATINUM high Mar. 04, 2008     $2,276.00 per oz  

Final Notes:

            OZT stands for TROY OUNCE 31.1035 grams (12 oz OZT pound) used in weighing PRECIOUS METALS and GEMS.

            AV stands for AVOIRDUPOIS OUNCE 28.3495 grams (16 oz AV pound) used in weighing everything else. A Troy OZ is about 10% heavier.

            The KING JAMES BIBLE mentions SILVER 320 times and mentions GOLD 417 times and COPPER 29 times.  

            GOD's MONEY is SILVER and GOLD.  Man's money is FIAT PAPER CURRENCIES.


Terms: Quantities and Products must be available, and they are Always Subject to Market Price Changes at any time.  Customer(s) Must

have an Agreed Locked Price with us and transactions must be completed within 48 hours on normal business days and must be made in U.S.

Currency for exchange for customer order.

Selling Price Quotes are based on current Spot Prices plus the Premiums added.


SEE SILVER PRICING & INFO Page for information on

pricing breaks on SILVER ounces purchased

Product(s) must be available ~ NO Mix or Matching ~ Must be the same items for price breaks:

We carry other SILVER  1 oz LOW MINTAGES COINS from around the World

SEE GOLD & PLATINUM INFO Page for information on

pricing over current "ASK" GOLD & PLATINUM SPOT prices

We carry an assortment of COIN SUPPLIES and 2024 Red Books

These are CASH $$ quotes for all products we carry.

Checks, Money Orders, etc. will have a hold on all products for 7 business days

to allow bank clearing.


*   *   *   *   *

A 10 Year Time Capsule

If on April 8, 2019 you had $100,000.00 to invest where would put it?
Stayed only in     1.  $100,000.00 in U.S. Dollars
Current Value on 05-12-23   $118,710.77 in Dollars = increase of $18,710.77
This is only if YOU maintain dollar value against the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Inflation.
Your Current Value YOU are Losing against the Inflation.
Purchased     2.  $100,100.00 in Gold = 77 ounces troy rounded basis $1,300.00 per oz
 Current Value on 05-12-23 basis $2,022.92 per oz * 77 oz in Gold = $155,764.84 increase of $55,664.84 
or 55.6% Your Current Value has increased YOU are Winning.
Purchased     3.  $100,014.84 in Silver = 6,606 ounces troy rounded basis $15.14 per oz
Current Value 05-12-23 basis $24.18 per oz * 6,606 oz in Silver = $159,733.08 increase of $59,718.24
or 59.7% Your Current Value has increased YOU are Winning.
Purchased     4.  $100,083.00 in Platinum = 109.50 ounces troy rounded basis $914.00 per oz
Current Value 05-12-23 basis $1,071.66 per oz * 109.50 oz in Platinum = $117,346.77 increase of $17,263.77
or 17.2% Your Current Value YOU are Losing against the Inflation.
Placed in a time capsule that you can't open for 10 years?
The Question, what will be the Values and Returns in another 6 years on 04-08-2029?
Where would YOU want to store your wealth??  
Paper Dollars, PHYSICAL Gold, Silver, or Platinum. 
Remember if you can't HOLD it, you TRULY DON'T OWN IT


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