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The King James Bible mentions Silver 303 times and Gold 430 times

Quote: "Paper is Poverty, it is the ghost of money, and not money itself."     Thomas Jefferson

           In a 2019 according to a Global E-Waste Monitor the world consumes nearly 3 million ounces of Silver every day.  Consumers worldwide           throw away $57 Billion in the form of Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum and other high-valued metals found in e-waste annually. According to the World Gold Council estimates there are actually 5 - 7 times more Gold above ground than Silver.


Dollar to SILVER Ratio in 1913 was $2.65 per oz.

                  NOW as of 01-28-21 it's $4,786.00 per oz.  ( U.S. Fiat Currency to 1 oz of Actual Silver) 

Dollar to GOLD Ratio in 1913 was $28.52 per oz.

               NOW as of 01-28-21 it's $34,470.00 per oz.  (U.S. Fiat Currency to 1 oz of Actual Gold)

Paper to SILVER Ratio is 186.34 to 1  (Paper traded ounces of Silver to 1 oz Actual Silver)

    Paper to GOLD Ratio is 88.23 to 1  (Paper traded ounces of Gold to 1 oz Actual Gold)


              What IF the MINIMUM WAGE was PAID hourly in REAL MONEY, Constitutional 90% SILVER U.S. Coins, .999 fine Silver Grams or $10.00 90% GOLD U.S. Coins or 24k .9999 Gold Grams?


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Nominal Price Highs and CPI Inflation Adjusted Highs and Percentages

closing prices LBMA

             Silver:    01-18-1980    $49.45      adjusted value basis Dec 2020       $165.56 per oz    234.80%

                                               04-28-2011   $48.70    adjusted value basis Dec 2020          $56.40   per oz     15.18%                                  

                 Gold:      01-21-1980    $850.00   adjusted value basis  Dec 2020    $2,845.80 per oz   234.80%     

                              08-21-2011 $1,908.82   adjusted value basis Dec 2020     $2,194.70 per oz         14.98%

NEW GOLD HIGH  *  08-06-20  $2,067.15 per oz


 Platinum:  12-27-2007    $1,544.00    adjusted value basis Dec 2020  $1,914.78 per oz   24.01%

                         03-04-2008  $2,273.00    adjusted value basis Dec 2020      $2,772.74 per oz    21.99%

Inflation Adjusted Silver Investment Return Calculator



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If on April 8, 2019 you had $100,000.00 to invest where would put it?
1.  $100,000.00 in U.S. Dollars
Current Value on 02-24-21 $102,361.20 in Dollars = increase of $2,361.20
2.  $100,100.00 in Gold = 77.00 ounces basis $1,300.00 per oz
 Current Value on 02-24-21 basis $1,800.00 per oz * 77.00 oz in Gold = $138,600.00 increase of $38,600.00
3.  $99,999.70 in Silver = 6,605.00 ounces basis $15.14 per oz
Current Value 02-24-21 basis $27.90 per oz * 6,605.00 oz in Silver = $184,279.50 increase of $84,279.50
4.  $100,083.00 in Platinum = 109.50 ounces basis $914.00 per oz
Current Value 02-24-21 basis  $1,265.00 per oz * 109.50 oz in Platinum = $138,517.50 increase of $38,517.50
Placed in a time capsule that you can't open for 10 years?
Where would YOU want to store your wealth??  
Paper Dollars, PHYSICAL Gold, Silver, or Platinum. 
Remember if  you can't HOLD IT you TRULY DON'T OWN IT